Rapid Prototyping

Quick Explorations in Ubiquitous Infrastructure

Working with Elaine Cheung, Xiaochen Yang and Jasmin Blasco, we spent two days delving into subtle infrastructural marvels (ports, submarine fiber cable landing points, the skyscraper-sized internet router for the city) before becoming enthralled with the global network of ATMs.

Interaction in the Age of the ATM

The ATM network spans nations and supports billions of transactions each day. The networks have redunancies while information is in transit, and form peer to peer networks with other machines nearby. For such a feat of network topology, criminals have managed to drive a wedge into the only part that users interact with. For decades skimmers have been shaving personal information from each card that passes through. How can users verify transactions? And can we remove the need for magnetic strips altogether?

We built a prototype of an alternative-interaction Touch_ATM. We measured capacitive touch and pressure to drive an array of LEDs. The true brains was an ipad running netlab toolkit that printed live ATM information.

Impractical Applications Friends of Friends of Jalama by Marcus Guttenplan