Marcus Guttenplan

Bridging design and development teams across industries, bringing stories to life with technology. From building visualizations for tracking state-sponsored hackers for F500 companies to developing digital experiences for brands and creators, I focus on telling compelling stories with real data. Working with clients like Google, Nike, Bank of America and others, his work has appeared in IT departments in government, finance, and healthcare; as well as publicly at New York Fashion Week, in galleries, and at conferences.


    Sparks, Creative Technologist, Ongoing
    Working between design and development teams internally and externally, using creativity and technology to build intuitive and educational experiences for users and customers. Responsible for translating heavy technical material into easy-to-grasp representations for both creative and development teams, helping ideate concepts and iterate designs, and research + prototyping software and hardware implementations. Day to day this means moving fluidly between project management, outlining system architecture, software development, electronics, design development, user experience design, and pitching/positioning. By maintaining a hands-on approach throughout every step of the project, from concept to installation, we ensure that the experiences embodies the technology.
    Impractical Applications, 2014-2018
    Freelance software development and web design practice, working on web projects for clients around Los Angeles. From e-commerce to non-profits, fashion brands and web companies -- focus on building user-focused web experiences with a variety of technologies.
    Area 1 Security, Product Design Engineer, 2015-2016
    Researching and designing user experience and product interfaces for network security applications for government and Fortune 500 companies. Focused on preventing highly targeted social engineering campaigns, worked with engineers and security experts to design and visualize event data at petabyte scale, creating usable solutions based on customer feedback. Developed weekly attack summary email visualization (tables, baby), helped overhaul internal dashboards, and worked on product UX. Also developed transactional marketing emails, designed transmedia collateral for anything and everything, and sourced production for the design team.
    Lab of Speculative Ethnography, Research Technologist, 2014 Together with a team from Occidental, Wesleyan, Fordham, SAIC, and Art Center we built custom documentary devices, programmatic tools, and used hands-on field research to collect data. We made a modular system of suits and sensors that embody afrofuturist perspectives. Research included community interactions throughout Los Angeles, performative fieldwork at Perform Chinatown 2014 and the American Association of Anthropologists conference.

    ImpracticalApplications, Founder, ongoing
    KDI, Front End Developer, 2018
    Nike x NYFW, Front End Developer, 2017
    Cargo Collective, Front End Developer, 2016 for Rebeca Mendez Studio, Front End Developer, 2016
    Arthritis Foundation / designmatters, Book Designer, 2014
    LA DeTour, Freelance Designer, 2014
    New Materials / Jet Propuslion Laboratory, Freelance Designer, 2014
    Extreme Wearables Hackathon, Designer, 2014
    Fabrica, Visual Communications Designer, 2013
    RARE Studio, Freelance Designer, 2013
    The Weekly Dig, Photographer, 2009 - 2010
    The Boston Phoenix, Photography Intern, 2009 - 2010
    Liberty in North Korea, Photographer, 2009


    WiFi_cLAN featured in #nfcdab2018 touring biennale, Trondheim, NO and elsewhere 2018
    "Coast to Coast" featured in gallery 2017
    CoLED Conf workshop leader at The UC Collaboratory for Ethnographic Design 2016
    iGEM Synthetic Biology Art & Design competition winner 2014
    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts & IFTF group exhibition “Open City / Open Art” 2014
    E-misférica Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics publication “Fuck Rationality” 2014
    ABC 7 LA feature “Technology Experiments” 2014 feature “The (Offbeat) Future of Wearables” 2014
    LA Times feature “Beyond Google Glass“ 2014
    SCPR feature “5 cool ‘wearable’ prototypes that might be the next Google Glass” 2014
    “MALWAReABLES” featured Intel ISEF project & press conference 2014
    Fabrica research grant recipient 2013
    LA River Revitalization Corporation “Bike-In Theater” video feature 2013
    Art Center College of Design portfolio scholarship 2012
    Certified Cicerone Beer Sommelier level 1 2012
    Newbury Street Gallery group exhibition “HERE AND NOW” 2012
    Workaway six months in France, learning small scale organic farming and French cooking 2011
    representative in Lesley University student government 2011
    “Taking In” LUCAD photo department publication reject (it’s a good story) 2010
    Lesley University College of Art and Design portfolio scholarship 2009
    High adventure canoed ~200mi of Colorado River 2006-2009
    Nationally distributed music records; Finish Him - “Thin Ice” and Creatures - “Creatures” 2005-2008
    Bank of America national photography award 2008
    Eagle Scout honor 2008


  • HTML + Templating Engines
  • Vanilla JS, jQuery, Node
  • Python + Django, Flask
  • Rails
  • Bash
  • Nginx, Apache, httpd
  • SQL, NoSQL
  • Vagrant, Terraform, Docker
  • Arduino, Rpi
  • Processing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Concept Development
  • User Experience
  • Wireframing + Lo-Fi Mockups
  • Studio Lighting + Image Capture


    Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA ; MFA, 2015
    Masters of Fine Arts, Media Design. Working in an area of interdisciplinary problem-solving at the intersection of art, design, engineering, and science. Assignments focus on rigorous conceptual development and finding ways to visually communicate and represent intangible and future-oriented speculative ideas across mediums and forms. Projects develop rapidly at a real-world pace and emphasis is placed on rapid prototyping of concepts.
    Lesley University College of Art and Design, Boston, MA ; BFA, 2011
    Bachelors of Fine Arts, Photography, with a focus on graphic design. Planned and executed rigorous senior thesis portfolio, showed work in three gallery exhibitions, numerous club activities, volleyball, dance, student government. Worked closely with the graphic design department chair to create a publication of photographs and essays titled “HERE AND NOW.”
    Art Center at Night, Pasadena, CA ; Intro to Graphic Design, 2012
    Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA ; French + Marketing, 2011


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