Wow, Vue
How does it do the things it do?
Jul 3, 2020
back-end-dev front-end-dev
Connecting to a Docker container over a VPN Tunnel
Secure networking across networks and machines
May 8, 2020
back-end-dev front-end-dev
Launching an App with Rails
Building a Fullstack App
Apr 8, 2020
back-end-dev front-end-dev
Deploying Rails to the Cloud
Using Google Cloud Products to Scale a Rails App
Apr 1, 2020
back-end-dev front-end-dev
Automating Application Deployment
Terraform, Kubernetes, and Infrastructure as Code
Mar 21, 2020
back-end-dev front-end-dev creative-technology
Google Assistant Powered Ping Pong Scoreboard
Building voice and UI experiences with Google Assistant
Mar 16, 2020
back-end-dev front-end-dev creative-technology
Build a Golang Remote Administrator
Managing remote device with Go and Rails
Mar 10, 2019
Complex Schema in Rails
Handling confusing schema and difficult database design
Mar 9, 2019
Running Containers on k8s
Getting through the confusion of Kubernetes
Feb 21, 2019
back-end-dev creative-technology
Network Camera
Building a Device to See the World Without Seeing
Feb 1, 2019
front-end-dev back-end-dev creative-technology
Dockerfiles and Automation
Automating Infrastructure and Making Apps Atomic with Docker
Jan 20, 2019
back-end-dev creative-technology
Serverless Contact Form
Collecting contact submissions in Sheets and Slack
Jan 10, 2019
front-end-dev back-end-dev
Prototyping ML Models
Quickly testing AIs with Custom Data
Dec 24, 2018
creative-technology research
Rails Many-to-Many Relationships
Building a REST API with Django and Django Rest Framework
Dec 10, 2018
OAuth with Rails
Authentication Flows in a Rails App
Dec 10, 2018
Rails Store
Building a Rails Webshop from Scratch
Nov 30, 2018
REST API with Django
Building a REST API with Django and Django Rest Framework
Apr 1, 2018
Socket.IO Network Scanner
Building a Web Socket based Network Sniffer
Mar 22, 2018
front-end-dev back-end-dev design
Processing Experiments
Experiments with generative art using Processing
Mar 2, 2018
creative-technology design
Building an Invoicer
Building an invoice generator and project management system from scratch
Dec 13, 2017
front-end-dev design
GPS Simulation and Spoofing
Experiments in Capturing and Recreating GPS Signals
Dec 1, 2016
Sensorship Lab
Open source surveillance techniques as anthropologic research
Nov 1, 2016
front-end-dev back-end-dev creative-technology research